The International Association for Environmental Hydrology is a worldwide association for hydrology and the environment, dedicated to cleanup of fresh water resources. IAEH publishes the Journal of Environmental Hydrology.

The International Association for Environmental Hydrology (IAEH)

IAEH is a worldwide association of environmental hydrologists dedicated to the protection and cleanup of fresh water resources.

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About IAEH

The IAEH mission is to share technical information and exchange ideas about hydrology, and to provide a source of inexpensive tools for the environmental hydrologist, especially hydrologists and water resource engineers practicing hydrology in developing countries.

The IAEH hydrology forum, Hydroforum, a hydrology discussion board, provides informal information exchange to hydrologists and water resource engineers. Hydroforum provides the opportunity to post and seek hydrology jobs, post meeting announcements, and ask and receive answers to technical questions related to hydrology and the environment.

The IAEH hydrology journal, Journal of Environmental Hydrology, is the world's first online Internet hydrology journal. It has been designed with low cost and rapid publication as priorities. The low cost of the hydrology journal provides publishing opportunities for developing country scientists and hydrologists.

Hydrology modeling software is an important tool for the environmental hydrologist. IAEH offers the Hydrokit series of hydrology modeling software: sets of groundwater models, surface water models and water quality models that are in the public domain. These hydrology model collections are, like our hydrology journal, priced with the budget constraints of the developing country scientist in mind.

The hydrology modeling CDs in the Hydrokit series include groundwater models such as MODFLOW 2000, MT3D, RT3D, flood models such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC models (including HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS), and collections of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water quality models and U.S. Geological Survey hydrology models.

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