Journal of Environmental Hydrology
ISSN 1058-3912


Electronic Journal of the International Association for Environmental Hydrology

JEH Volume 11 (2003), Paper 1, March 2003                                                                                         Posted March 10, 2003


Scott A. Lowe
Lawler, Matusky & Skelly Engineers LLP
Rob Doscher
Westchester County Dept. of Planning, Westchester, New York, USA


The EPA's BASINS (Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources) software was used to create a HSPF watershed model of the Mamaroneck River, located in lower Westchester County, New York. This is a small urban watershed just north of New York City. The model was successfully calibrated and verified using 20 years of flow data. Land use, river reach and topographic data supplied with BASINS were compared to local county data and some discrepancies were noted, particularly with the reach data. Three versions of the model were developed: single segment, three segment and six segment. It was found that there was little gain in using the multi-segment models over the single segment. The calibrated parameters values from the single segment were found to provide an excellent starting point for calibrating the multi-segment models. The parameter values used were compared against those used in a large number of previous HSPF studies and found to be close to the median value in most cases.
Lowe, S.A. and R. Doscher; Modeling of urban watersheds using BASINS and HSPF, Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Vol. 11, Paper 1, March 2003.  

Scott Lowe
Senior Project Manager
Lawler, Matusky & Skelly Engineers LLP
One Blue Hill Plaza
Pearl River, NY 10965

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