GW-Kit (Ver. 2 -- NEW UPDATED September 2006)
A collection of more than 40 programs and manuals for modeling groundwater flow and contaminant transport, geochemistry, and other good things. NO DEMO PROGRAMS! All programs are fully functional and include complete documentation.

For teachers, an excellent core for your groundwater course!

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey
  • BIOMOC (1.0) - A multispecies solute-transport model with biodegradation.
  • DDestimate v. 1.0 - Spreadsheet for time-series analysis and drawdown estimation.
  • GW Chart ( - Graphing application for MODFLOW, MOC3D, ZONEBUDGET, SUTRA, and MT3D.
  • HST3D (2.2.13 Win32) - Computer code for simulation of  heat and solute transport in three-dimensional groundwater flow systems.
  • JUPITER API - The Joint Universal Parameter IdenTification and Evaluation of Reliability Application Programming Interface.
  • MOC (3.2.2)- Two-dimensional method-of-characteristics ground-water flow and transport model.
  • MOC3D (3.5) - Three-dimensional method-of-characteristics ground-water flow and transport model.
  • NETPATH (2.13) - An interactive program for calculating NET geochemical reactions and radiocarbon dating along a flow PATH.
  • PHAST and associated programs - Computer program for simulating ground-water flow, solute transport, and multicomponent geochemical reactions.
  • PHREEQC and associated programs - Aqueous geochemical calculations.
  • TDDS  (6.0) - Time-dependent data system for simulation models
  • UCODE 2005 - UCODE_2005 and six other computer codes for universal sensitivity analysis, calibration, and uncertainty evaluation.
  • VS2DI  (1.1) - Model for simulating water flow and energy transport in variably saturated porous media.
  • WTAQ (1.0) -  A computer program for calculating drawdowns and estimating  hydraulic properties for confined and water-table aquifers
BUFFALO - State Univ. of New York at Buffalo - Groundwater Res. Group
  • VISUAL BLUEBIRD 2.0 - Graphical user interface and numerical models for simulating groundwater flow and transport using analytic element method flow solutions. Also includes calibration features.
  • SPLIT 3.0 - Analytic-based modeling of single-layer groundwater flow in heterogeneous aquifers with capture-zone analysis and parameter estimation.
  • PRB Design - Permeable reactive barrier design spreadsheet.
  • PHREFLOW - 3-D analytic element groundwater flow model for systems with ellipsoidal elements.
  • MOUSER - 1-D Multi-solute Reactive Transport Model with Competitive Cation Exchange, Parent-Daughter Decay and multiple single-solute sorption isotherms.
IGS - Institute for Groundwater Studies, South Africa
  • AQUADOC  (Windows) - Manual for AQUAWIN and NETGEN. Includes EXCELLENT tutorial.
  • AQUAWIN (Windows) - Two-dimensional triangular finite element groundwater modeling package.
  • ASMWIN (Windows) - Two-dimensional finite difference groundwater flow and transport model (includes particle tracking, finite-difference transport and random walk).
  • NETGEN (Windows) - Network generator.
  • RECHARGE (Windows) - Estimation of groundwater recharge by different methods, including chloride, water balance and isotopes. The program is implemented in an MS-EXCEL spreadsheet.
USSL - U.S. Salinity Lab
  • N3DADE (1.0) - Analytical solutions for two- and three-dimensional non-equilibrium solute transport.
  • RETC-WIN (6.0 Windows) - A computer program used to analyze the soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity functions of unsaturated soils.
  • ROSETTA (1.0 Windows)  - A program to estimate unsaturated hydraulic properties from surrogate soil data such as soil texture data and bulk density.
  • SWMS-3D (1.21) - Water and solute movement in 3-D variably saturated media.
  • TETRANS (1.5) - One dimensional solute transport through unsaturated zone. Excellent manual.
  • UNSATCHEM (2.0 Windows)- Water, heat, CO2 and solute movement in one dimensional variably saturated media. Excellent manual.
  • UNSODA (2.0 Windows) - Database of unsaturated soil hydraulic properties (requires MicroSoft Access 97).
CCIW - Canada Centre for Inland Waters
  • BTEX - Multivariate plots of hydrocarbon analyses of groundwater samples.
  • DPCT - Deterministic-Probabilistic Contaminant Transport code (DPCT) simulates contaminant transport in a vertical cross section.
  • PC-PHREEQEP - Accurate calculations of mass transfer among aqueous and solid phases in very saline waters and brines.
  • PIRS - Database containing environmental and classification information for approximately 175 pesticides.
  • TRIPLOT - Trilinear plots of the relative abundance of the major ions of groundwater analyses.
NJ - State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection, Site Remediation Program
  • DISPERSE (Windows) - Predicts the size and duration of an MTBE or TBA plume.
PRG - Pollution Research Group at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa
  • MINTEQA2 - Geochemical equilibrium speciation program and OUTSTANDING self study work manual.

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